Producer Responsibility Organisations

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Extended Producer Responsibility scheme PROs

Home improvement and gardening goods

  • Category 1 - Painter's tools : ECODDS
  • Category 2 - Thermal combustion engine machine and devices : ECOLOGIC
  • Catgeory 3 - Gardening supplies and garden improvement goods : ECOMAISON


Sporting and recreational goods


Sport and recreational boats


Medical sharps for homecare patients


Furnishing elements


Electrical and electronique equipments


Household packaging






Unused medicines


Batteries and accumulators


Graphic papers


Chemical products


Building construction products and materials

  • Category 1 - Construction products and materials composed mainly of minerals, containing neither glass, mineral wool nor plaster: VALOBAT ; ECOMINERO
  • Category 2 - other construction products and materials: VALOBAT ; ECOMAISON ; VALDELIA


Tobacco products


Apparel, household linen and footwear


EPR scheme's collective organisations and associations


The EPR scheme for tires exists since 2004 but does not exactly have the same status than the other EPR schemes yet. Therefore the existing producers' collective organizations and individual systems are not PROs as such. This should change during 2023, once the tire legislation is modified.

Mainland France


Overseas departments

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