Producer Responsibility Organisations

Extended Producer Responsibility scheme PROs

Apparel, household linen and footwear


Batteries and accumulators


Building construction products and materials

  • Category 1 - Construction products and materials composed mainly of minerals, containing neither glass, mineral wool nor plaster: 
  • Category 2 - other construction products and materials: 
  • For all categories:


Chemical products


Electrical and electronique equipments

  • Household: 
  • Professional : 
  • Approved coordinating organisation : 
    • OCAD3E


Furnishing elements


Home improvement and gardening goods

  • Category 1 - Painter's tools : ECODDS
  • Category 2 - Thermal combustion engine machine and devices : ECOLOGIC
  • Category 3 - Gardening supplies and garden improvement goods : 
  • Category 4 - Products and equipment for garden maintenance and landscaping : 


Household packaging and graphic papers




Medical sharps for homecare patients


Professionnal packaging


Sport and recreational boats


Sporting and recreational goods


Tobacco products






Unused medicines





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